PIGFACE MASSACRE is a co-op horror survival game which you can play alone or up to with 4 players. Reveal the secrets of Rimwater Collective Housing Area and unravel the connection between long-lost Serial Killer known as PIGFACE.


After the fire disaster in 1986, which killed a family, strange events began to occur in Rimwater. Numerous and unknown deaths in the years after the event, the area was marked as Cursed by the locals and was completely abandoned in the mid-1990s. Since the police sealed off the area for security, various investigators and adventure-seeking youths have been trespassing, trying to gather information about the events and unravel its mysteries.

You are one of the thrill-seeking youngsters who came to Rimwater with hearsay theories. Shortly after you entered one of the buildings, you found yourself waking up unconscious in a room. Will you be able to reveal the truth behind events and escape from this terrific complex? Or will you be one of the people whose deaths disappear behind the veil of mystery?


  • True horror and puzzle experience
    Experience a real horror-puzzle game with the environmental interactions and possible dangers in the scary environments you will be with various puzzles that you will encounter during your progress.
  • Chapter-based Progression
    Climb the steps of the story by advancing through different atmospheric locations within the Rimwater complex with the chapter-based progression system.
  • Bring your friends to the scene
    With the co-op mode, complete your progress in the story with 3 brave friends that you can take with you, as a total of 4 players.
  • Replayability
  • With randomized item spawns and the objects that you can use to your advantage against the changing algorithm of AI, find the right approach to complete the chapters.
  • Challenging gameplay
  • With the changing algorithm of AI and increasing difficulty based on progress, it will not be easy to overcome Chapter with different experiences.
  • Photo-realism Quality Graphics
  • Experience the horror in the best visuals on detailed maps with highly detailed textures and models scanned up to 4K resolution